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Wood Cabinets vs. Other Types of Cabinets
by Francine L. Huff

For a midrange kitchen remodel, a homeowner can expect to recoup an average of 91% of the cost when they sell their home, according to Remodeling magazine. Because kitchen cabinets are such an important part of a kitchen remodel, it's important to choose the style and materials for cabinets wisely.

However, the vast array of prices, styles, woods, and colors available for cabinets can be overwhelming. To cut down on some of the confusion, decide on a budget for your cabinets, then take time to research the different woods and other materials available.

The Beauty of Wood
Kitchen cabinets can be constructed out of a variety of woods that include mahogany, walnut, birch, and oak. Wood is durable and comes in a variety of colors and finishes. Another benefit of wood is you can paint it any color you want. Over time, however, humidity can cause wood cabinets to warp and expand. Many kitchen cabinets have enamel painted on them because it's durable and easy to clean. Oil-based enamel dries to a harder finish than latex enamel.

Cheap Kitchen Cabinets
If you're looking for cheap kitchen cabinets, you may want to buy ready-to-assemble cabinets made of a manufactured wood product such as melamine. Made of a synthetic polymer, melamine is fire resistant and withstands heat well. Melamine cabinets also are easy to clean and have a long lifespan.

Waterproof Cabinets
You can also find cheap kitchen cabinets made of laminate or PVC. A laminate is a thin material like wood or plastic that is glued to the exterior of cabinets. Laminate kitchen cabinets, which require little maintenance and are easy to clean, come in a variety of colors, textures, and shines and should last for years. PVC cabinets are usually waterproof, termite proof, and resistant to mold.

Overall, you can expect kitchen cabinets to last at least 15 to 20 years, according to Homeplans.com. Buy the most attractive and durable material you can afford because replacing cabinets is a huge project that you don't want to have to do again anytime soon.

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About the Author
Francine L. Huff is a freelance journalist and the author ofThe 25-Day Money Makeover for Women.She has appeared on a variety of TV and radio shows.